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Maize Maze

Welcome to the UK's official Maize Maze Association website, the number one listing of maize maze attractions in the UK. Here you will find links to maize mazes up and down the country, from Scotland to the South Coast and everywhere in between. You are never far from an a-maze-ing day out!

A maize maze is a tourist attraction or visitor attraction cut from a large field of living maize plants. As well as the maize maze to explore you will find other attractions such as mini-mazes, puzzles, play areas, pedal go-karts, farm animals, tractor rides, inflatable mazes and more. All maize mazes offer some form of refreshments and some have restaurants on site. A maize maze may be in a farmer's field or part of a larger tourist attraction such as a farm park, farm attraction, leisure park or country park. Others are attached to a farm shop or restaurant.

If you haven't been to a maize maze before you will be amazed at what a great fun day out they offer, for a family, for friends or for your school or group. If you have been before you will know that every year, each maze design changes giving you a new challenge. Each of the Maize Maze Association member mazes is also unique, meaning no two mazes are ever the same, so you could easily challenge yourself to visit two or more maize mazes in a year.

Visiting a maize maze is a summer day out. In the UK maize mazes typically open in July each year once the maize plants have started to grow. By September the short maize maze season is coming to a close and the maize plants harvested for animal feed. Use the Amazing Locator map to find a maize maze near where you live or near where you will be taking your holiday or short break. Read the information about the maize maze you are interested in visiting on this site, then follow the links to their own website.

Now go GET LOST!

What is a Maize Maze?

Well to start with let's find out what is MAIZE?

Dictionary definition; maize noun 1 a tall cereal plant belonging to the grass family, widely grown for its edible yellow grain which grows in large spikes called corncobs. 2 the grain of this plant, eaten ripe and unripe as a vegetable (sweetcorn) and used as a source of oil, flour, starch and syrup. Also called corn (sense 2), Indian corn. See also mealie.

So, what's a MAZE?

Dictionary definition; maze noun 1 a confusing network of paths bordered by high walls or hedges, laid out in a garden as a puzzling diversion in which a person might become lost or disorientated. 2 any confusingly complicated system, procedure, etc. mazy adj.

The simple combined definition would be a series of confusing paths created within a field of corn, but in fact, it's much more than that. The process that goes into creating these wonderful puzzles has been developing every year from its invention in the mid nineties at a farm in Pennsylvania USA. Nowadays most maize mazes include bridges that turn them from simple 2D puzzles into fully fledged 3D conundrums, with pathways twisting round, over and under each other to 'corn-fuse' you beyond belief. Most maize mazes have extra puzzles, quizzes and treasure hunts within them ....... just in case you were finding it too easy! Outside the confines of the maze you may find additional activities - go-karts, giant wooden puzzles, play equipment, refreshments and much more.

It truly is an attraction for all ages and one of a very few types of attraction that allows the whole family to participate simultaneously - interaction is key if you are to find your way through this King of all puzzles!

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