Lewis of London’s Maize Maze

Lewis of London
Galley Lane

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Lost in Wonderland Maize Maze

Watch out for that rabbit hole! Once you’ve fallen down it will you manage to find your way out?!

Just as  Alice had to navigate the characters and creatures of Wonderland, our maze-goers will have to navigate the twists and turns of our maize field.
Spread across 12 acres the more you explore, the curiouser and curiouser things get with games that will challenge Wonderland explorers.

We also have a mini maze available for all those mini maze-goers. This is recommended for under 4 year olds.


Once you’ve been on the Maize Walk you can reward yourself with a visit to our ice cream shop where you can choose from over 36 flavours of delicious homemade ice cream to help cool you down afterwards. Then why not stay and enjoy your ice cream on one of our picnic benches whilst the kids get stuck into our sand pit, straw pit, mud kitchen and bouncy cows!

Please note the ground is pretty bumpy in the field so it is not recommended for wheelchairs and pushchairs.