Cardiff Maize Maze & Sunflower Patch

Maize Maze & PYO Sunflowers
Coedarhydglyn Park
Nr Bonvilston
St Nicholas
Vale of Glamorgan

Shhhhhh the Maize and Sunflowers are growing!

Coedarhydyglyn Park, near Culverhouse Roundabout, in the Vale of Glamorgan is home to our amaizng Maize Maze. This year we are raising money in aid of Great Ormond St to bring you Peter Pan’s Neverland. “Fly” into Neverland, catch up with the Lost Boys, watch out for the ticking croc and try and make sure Captian Hook does not capture you otherwise you will be walking the plank!

We have a good few acres of PYO with sunflowers & sweet corn, highly photogenic wild flowers, as well as crafts to make, ice cream to eat and food to enjoy.

Parking Free - Donations welcome for Great Ormond St Children’s Hospital 


Crafts – Make a Tinkerbell wand, sunflower tin pail vase and more!

Wildflowers – the wildflowers have been specially chosen for their bee appeal

Food – Ice cream, coffee, cakes and hot food

PYO Sunflowers – we have 9 varieties of sunflowers to pick, take home and once you have enjoyed looking at them you could turn them into a bird feeder or use the seeds to make tasty treats!

Photoshoots – Take insta-worthy snaps in the sunflowers and wildflowers or hire our professional photographer.


Wander into the sunflower patch and PYO. Gloves and secateurs are advised, though we may have a few spare that we can lend to you. £1 per stem or £5 for 6.


Our Maize Maze is in the open air and the risk of transmission of COVID-19 is relatively low. There is also plenty of space to maintain social distancing between households. However, it is important that all of our visitors remain mindful of the social distancing rules and keep their families at a safe distance of 2m+ from others.

At this stage, gloves and face coverings are optional for visitors but there will be hand sanitiser points across the site. You may also find that some of our staff are wearing personal protective equipment whilst they work in order to minimise the risk to them and our visitors. We will regularly disinfect surfaces people are likely to come into contact with.

Our Maize Maze was designed so that all passages are COVID-19 compliant. All passages are 3m apart and there are no areas where groups come back on themselves and risk bumping into others. This means that customers can walk either side of the path and still have 2m between them.

We continue to follow all of the guidance provided to us by the Government and our team is fully aware of all the recent advice and regulation. We look forward to welcoming you safely to our Maize Maze and picking patch.